Call for Participation

Submissions should contain reflexive accounts of experiences with analyzing children’s (0 to 18 years) creative contributions in co-design activities (2 to 4 pages in the ACM Extended Abstract format). Position papers are due on May 12 and should be sent to kidsindesign[at] In particular, we welcome visuals to illustrate these narratives. We encourage novices, experienced researchers and industry practitioners to submit a paper. Reflexive accounts will be encouraged to contribute to mapping the diversity of approaches; brought together at the workshop, they will serve to explore the following topics:

  • What approaches are useful to analyze children’s contributions and experiences in co-design activities? What are the benefits and challenges of these approaches, for instance with regard to different age ranges (0 – 18 years)?
  • What kind of creative contributions and experiences (e.g., stories, paper prototypes, enacted ideas) can result from co-design activities and how are these valuable?
  • How and to what extent can we involve children in analyzing their contributions and experiences? If children are not directly involved in the analysis, how can we debrief them about the results?
  • What types of insight or knowledge can be deduced from children’s creative contributions and based on what epistemic grounds? How can we deduce this knowledge in a transparent and systematic way and communicate it to others?
  • How can we move away from a unilateral focus on the verbal explanation of children’s designs and, instead, analyze a wide variety of semiotic resources (verbal, visual, etc.)?

Accepted participants’ papers will be made available and shared with other participants through the workshop’s website. Prior to the workshop, participants will be asked to read a few papers and to add comments, questions or sum up what they took away from these contributions. During the workshop, they will briefly present their papers (5 minutes max) and we will use mapping methods to synthesize emerging themes and productive practices. The outcome of the workshop will be a future agenda to benefit co-design activities with children by offering an overview of analytical tools, publishable in both academic and more applied channels.

Click here for the full workshop proposal.

Important dates

  • May 12, 2017: Position papers from participants due — kidsindesign[at]
  • May 26, 2017: Position paper acceptance notification to participants
  • June 27, 2017: Full-day workshop at IDC 2017 in Stanford

Please note that at least one author of each accepted position paper must register for the main conference and attend the workshop. The price for full-day workshops is $125.